Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jeweler's saw - jewelry tool series

Here is what a jeweler's saw looks like. I got mine from eBay. I do suggest that you get one with a deep "C". Do you see the metal area that looks like a C? You want it to be a large "C" - farther rather than closer to the saw blade. The reason being you can cut into a large piece of sheet metal when you have it on the bench pin. You do not need beeswax or anything on the blade. If you are doing it correctly, there will not be a lot of sound and the motion will be pretty smooth. Just keep it pretty vertical. I cannot explain it any better. I would have to show you. I will try to do a video on it at a later date. Volcano Arts has a tutorial on how to string it.
The blades break a lot. Most of the blades used by mixed media arts are #2.

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