Sunday, October 14, 2007

My newest art bracelet

I cranked this out yesterday. I went and pounded out the metal disks awhile back. They just sat there. I have had the idea for awhile but it got changed mid-stream. What else is new. My vision was to have a half half clay piece on there and I would have put a rivet through the two to keep it together. I did not like the way it looked, so I cut the middle out to make the clay pieces smaller. I put it in the middle. I put a little glue on there so the clay pieces would stay put. I liked how the baking made the copper darker. I was at a workshop yesterday and attached them together in between doing other things. I did not bring the right pliers so my cold joining was not the best.

I started out with some thicker gauge copper sheet and cut out the circles. I pounded it out into disc form. I used my Dremel and drilled two sets of holes on each end. I did not do just one on each end so the discs would not twist around on my wrist.

I used the Ecru color, stamped the images on the clay, and then used the other end of a pastry tip to make the clay circles. I used some glue to make sure they stayed on the metal discs. I cut the middle parts of the clay circles out to make sure they were a little smaller than the copper discs. Baked them at the recommended temp and let cool. I used burnt umber, transparent red oxide, interference green oxide, and then some blue fluid acrylic. I wiped the excess off with a wipe. I let it dry for a little bit and then use a fine grit sand paper on the surface to get it that smooth ivory look.

I had some coconut beads and used that with copper wire to do the cold joining. I did not have the right pliers, so the wire wrapping is a little rough. BTW, the stamps I used are from Barbara McGuire.

I will post later on what I did at her workshop. Great piece.


Altered Route said...

Love how this bracelet turned out! Copper is fun and you gave this a great look!

Sheri said...

oh... that is awsome!

This 'n That said...

I love the new bracelet. Don't you just love it when you can finally incorporate something cool you did prior with what you are working on now and create something you are finally satisfied with? I love metal and wish I had the oportunity to learn more about working with it. I love to watch the motorcycle shows where they shape their own custom parts from flat sheets. Once again, great bracelet!

Judi Foster