Friday, October 05, 2007

A newbie Zentangle

You can click on the picts for a larger a view. A lot of you were not understanding the whole string thing. It is not literally a string. It is just a continuously drawn line that separates your paper into sections so you can work on one section at a time. It is the series of doodles/patterns that makes your finished product look so complex.

For someone who is doing their first one, it is easier to have a frame to work in. I put a dot in each corner - loosely. I connected the lines to make a frame. It does not have to be straight or even. Some of my kids were using a ruler when they tried this. I told them to put the rulers away. When you have your frame done, then use a fine tip black marker like a micron pen and create your string. This is a curved "Z".

If you look at the second pict, you can just see strings without a frame. I drew a continuous line in different directions until I liked how it looked. I will be putting different patterns within each section.

You will see how I do it in the next 5 posts. I will try and post different doodle designs I use later on. Need to go and get ready for school now.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic instructions. I had signed up for the class, but could not get it to work. Thank you very much for your detailed instructions. Now I can go play.
Great job Belinda!!!!!
Doreen Kinkade

Anonymous said...

Hi Belinda.
I am a "lurker" and looked at your blog. Your zentangles are wonderful and the instructions great. It is so great to be able to learn from artists like you!

baa-me-chick said...

Thankyou for the instructions & the explanations! This seemed like a foreign language to me but now i understand! And yes, i was looking for a *string*!
I love your work & enjoy reading your blog!
Thanks for sharing!
Nicki xx

baa-me-chick said...

Thankyou for the instructions & explanations! I finally understand how these work & yes, i was looking for a *string*!
I love your work & really enjoy reading your blog.
Thanks for sharing!
Nicki xx

Nancy Ward said...

Your instructions are excellent. Many thanks...

Nancy Ward

gina said...

Adding my gratitude for being a great online teacher and artist!

kensson said...

Thank you so much! I've been looking all over for simple zentangle instructions, and yours is the first place it's all come together. Great work.

Celia said...

Hi Belinda, I was just searching the web for zentangles. I have been teaching them to our high school art students for several years and ran across your web page. Was fun to find a abc freind while searching.
Celia Wells