Thursday, November 01, 2007

Skinny book page

I am using 140# watercolor paper. I did the backside first since I was doing tie dye for samples for workshop proposals. What I did was spray color wash on a piece of wax paper and smashed the back into it. Kinda slid it around until the whole back was covered. I let that dry.

I did the background in dictionary paper. I used gel medium at first and that was too gunky. I ended up using glue stick. I then used some quin yellow fluid acrylic wash on the background. I slathered it on so that parts of it would pool and dry darker in spots. I did the stamping with various stamps and StazOn. The harlequin diamonds were done with Distress ink. I masked the girl stamp so that it would be the right spacing for the stencil.
I did the stencils with burnt umber, quin gold, blue, quin crimson, and splashes of yellow. I did the entire surface in burnt umber and did the other colors randomly. The yellow was applied using my finger.
I finished it up with some eyelets. I am pretty groovin' on it. If I give her a little hat, then she can be my Zetti skinny page! So versatile!

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