Saturday, January 19, 2008


I had a fantabulous dinner last night with my art buds, Harriet, Sandy, and Cindy. It is always so fun to go out with them. Sandy even brought treat bags. We were out celebrating my birthday. It was a lot of fun. We shared art stuff and talked about everything under the sun. It is great to have friends like that.

My youngest, who just turned 5 at the end of October, lost her first tooth last Tuesday. She still has a loose tooth right next to the one she lost - waiting to come out. She's been wiggling it. I wonder why I always have the yucky job of pulling the tooth when it is just dangling by a little bit of tissue. I was very sad on Tuesday when I heard she had lost the tooth. She is so young yet growing up so quickly. I could not believe when she told me she had two loose teeth. Anyway, when it was her bedtime, we put the tooth in a little ziplock bag for under her pillow. We always give a larger amount the first time and less for subsequent teeth. I only had a $5 bill, so that went in a similar ziplock. I made the switch in the middle of the night. Well, she woke up in the middle of the night and looked. She saw that it was $5. She was very happy with that and went promptly back to sleep. When it was time for me to get up, my dh comes in with a $10 bill. I told him that Sam already knew about the $5. He wanted me to switch it anyway. Well, my daughter called me later and excitedly told me how the $5 changed to $10. We talked about how much magic the tooth fairy must have. It was so funny!

We were talking about Yahoo groups last night at dinner. A couple of us have really pared down our Yahoo groups or don't bother to read them. I have dropped all my groups except Mixed Media, a local group that meets, ABC because I have many old friends there from when I first started doing art, and one other group. I am in Acrylic Artists until we are done with the current book study. After that, Sarah will be the only owner, I will leave. I looked at how many Art Techniques has now. They are up to over 1200 members. I thought how crazy is that. No wonder I never had time to do anything else. There were also people who were not too nice to me who were in that group. Don't bother to leave me a negative comment here - I will just reject it. I was always doing something or another in that group. I never fully realized how much time it took away from other things I had to do until I was gone. Now, I don't have over 100 emails to read daily. I only have a couple of projects that have to be done. I finished up some submissions to CPS. I have written a couple of articles. I will be making up samples for Dremel for the next couple of weeks. It really feels good. I just have to remember to keep it like this. The pace of Mixed Media Art is nice. The membership is not high. I know that someday this group might also be huge, but I will deal with that when the time comes.

The last two swaps that I have done have turned out really well. The ABC swap had only 2 missing letters and someone graciously volunteered to do them. Thank you, Lisa! The heart journal swap is turning out to be a great swap. I love the pages that I have gotten so far. So many people sent me messages about missing the heart journal swap, that I decided to relent and host one swap. It is a mixed media journal page swap. Each page must have paper, fabric, and metal on there. It is a 6 for 5 swap - a finished journal going to CPS. Swapping pages only - you bind yourself due to my time constraints. I will not be doing the covers in this swap. If you want to play, sign-ups until end of this month. It is in the Mixed Media Art group. I figure I can host one swap since my life has slowed down a lot after finishing up all my swaps and dropping the Yahoo groups.

I have decided I need to stop thinking about stuff. I need to go get a cup of tea and then take a nap. I have a big project to do for school this weekend. Need all my energy for that.

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