Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dyeing muslin with Color Wash

Just wanted to share. Just put some color wash into some plastic containers. Add in about 1/4 water. You can also put some pearl ex in. I forgot this time. Wet muslin. Dip in color wash. Wring out. You might want gloves or have something on-hand to remove the color. It does not come off with regular soap and water. You can also twist the muslin and dip in different colors. Rinse, wring out. I then balled it up or twisted it around and dipped in different spots. So, you have rich colors in some spots and faded color in others. The look is fantubulous when it is dried. Put on some type of plastic to dry. I use cheap painter's tarp. Turn it over once to make sure the bottom side is completely dry.


Sandy said...

Great colors. Are you making these for the heart journal covers?
Sandy M.

Scary said...

oooooh those are gorgeous. the colors are outstanding . Going to hgave to try that on the muslin I just got. Thanks. Hugz, Scary