Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Experimenting with heavy gloss medium

I came across a technique in some magazine, book, or something I was flipping through. It was for a faux encaustic technique. Well, I was looking for a February technique for the Mixed Media Art group. I tried it and this is what happened:

I used some old pieces that were extras. The pict on top is the before. BTW, I totally wrecked one when I was peeling off the gel medium - so I had to trash it. I started out with 3 and ended up with 2. Anyway, I took some heavy gloss medium and spread it with a palette knife. The technique said to use a thick layer. Okay, did that and let it dry. It came out okay but too shiny for me. BTW, gel medium does not level - which I know makes it a great texturizing product. I put on another thick, even (kinda even layer) and let dry overnight. I came home today and parts of it were cloudy. It was really cloudy especially on the inside part of the stencils. I thought that is might not be completely dry. Let it dry some more and the cloudiness did not go away. Heat gun no good here either. Well, I thought that I could paint over that part and no one would know the difference. It also said in the technique that I could put a layer of matte gel medium over it so it would not be so shiny. Well, I ended up with a cloudy mess! When it was completely dry, it was still cloudy. It was nice and rubbery now. So, I started picking at it so that I could try and salvage parts of it. I picked and I picked. Some of the background came up, but that was okay. I picked off enough so that you could see most of the stuff behind it. I used some quin gold and jenkins green fluid acrylic on top. It gave it a great distressed look. The indiscriminate picking gave it great texture. I don't think the end product could be called faux encaustic. It came out pretty good anyway. Would I do this again? Nope.
Well, not one to give up, I am trying another faux encaustic technique with a matte gel medium and paint concoction that looks a lot like natural beeswax. Working on the first layer now. Will let you know how it turns out. If I use it for the Feb technique, you might have to go to Mixed Media Art to find out how I did it. It won't be done tonight. I need at least one more layer. I might more depending on how it turns out. Won't be home this weekend, so check back later.


Lynn Majidimehr said...

I've seen a faux encaustic painting at a Golden Paint lecture. I believe she built up multiple layers using one of the thinner mediums, and I think some were gloss to get the thickness, and some were matte, to get the waxy look. Haven't had time to play with it myself, it's one of those someday things.

Chloe-Cat said...

Can't wait to see the technique, Belinda! I want to try it because the beeswax thing is a hassle and I don't want to buy a bunch of stuff that I will rarely use!

Thanks for sharing!!


Sherry Yeager said...

love your pictures. I also got your collage book yesterday. Thanks for sending it. I plan on looking thru real well. Thanks Sherry Yeager