Wednesday, January 23, 2008

If you create with copper sheet

If you create with copper sheet - like art jewelry, embossing, etc..., then you might want to contact Basic Copper. They have a gallery where they showcase copper art. They might even ask you to do a little article or a how-to type of thing. It wouldn't hurt to contact them. Just passing along an opportunity. It is always fun to see your stuff on someone else's website. It is an "ooh!!!" moment for me.

If you work with copper sheet, then you might be interested in their copper foil 1 mil and 1.4 mil. I recently discovered it and love working with it. You can sew on it and do many more things with it. It does not tear as easily as household foil. Makes for a great background. Just thought I would pass that nugget of information on to you.

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