Monday, February 11, 2008


Sorry, my report is a little late. Had to get some sleep before getting out the laptop.

This CHA is huge compared to the one in Rosemont, IL. I walked it for awhile and did not even see a quarter of it. I had to map out the specific places I wanted to go to. Not as many make 'n takes as in the past. Some more mixed media but mostly still scrapbooking. There is something interesting from Golden where they have a medium that you brush on that will enable you to put something like an acrylic film through your inkjet printer. Tim Holtz has some fun stuff out. I know that he does a lot of the scrapbook stuff but I like some of it anyway. There was a make 'n take where we made grungeboard bracelets. The clasp was a hitch fastener. I really liked that. He has some fun metal stuff out. You know how I feel about metal. Scrapbook adhesives is supposed to have a tape out that is supposed to be as strong as super glue. I will have to get some and try it out. I will let you know. I was the ladies from Simply Swank - my favorite soldering people. Ranger is coming out with a line of pigment ink pads. Creative Options had fantastic tote bags. I saw some great UM stamps from Art Declassified. Can't ever have enough stamps, eh? I also saw a pair of great titanium scissors. Kinda like the fiskars but I am hoping it is more heavy duty. The fiskars scissors that I use are great for small detail work but not very sturdy. I have gone through several in the past year because I am so hard on them. They get bent and I can't use them anymore. The tips also get broken off. That should tell you how much I use them. There was the usual huge crowd around Tim Holtz. I met Jenny Doh from Somerset and her BFF who does a lot of the photographs. It is the middle of the night and I can't remember her name off the top of my head. I will let you know - have her card in my purse. It is funny the stories that people tell you. Very interesting. I also saw Lisa Pavelka. Traci Bautista is also here doing make 'n takes. I looked for Suze Weinberg but did not see her. I saw Suze Orman (think that is her name). She was here for a book signing. Sorry if I butchered her name. I ran into someone that I met at Art Unraveled. She was the vendor on-site at the hotel.

That's it for now.

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what does CHA stand for? It sounds like you had fun!