Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wonderful Valentine's Day surprise

I had a lovely day even though I had my daughter's cold. I got some flowers, necklaces, candy, and new Webkinz. The most fun thing I got was from my mailbox. I got the new Lynne Perrella book from Lisa Bissell-Paulson. I so need to thank her. It is really a good book. It is called Art Making: Collections and Obsessions.

It is different from her other books. This one is has a lot more assemblage in it. It also shows people's obsessions and collections. I love looking at other people's stuff. There are also artists in there that I am not familiar with. I will have to look online at their websites/blogs. The pages are big and shiny. The photography is great. The pictures are very large and show awesome detail. I have been carrying it around in my bookbag so I can look at when I have a chance. It reminds me that there is not one kind of art. There are so many different styles out there and so much to still explore.

Thanks so much Lisa!


Teyah44 said...

Yeah! You finally received your birthday present on Valentine's Day---how fun! So glad you are enjoying the book. It is a wonderful thing to have a wish list on Amazon!!! Just know we appreciate all you do for so many of us!!! Lisa Bissell Paulson,

Cathy said...

I just received my copy of the book. We will have to compare notes when we have a chance to take a good look at it. I just love looking at the cover!