Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Dremel samples

Tired of seeing them yet? I am so done doing them. I have to finish the charm bracelet and off to Dremel they go. I am glad that's over! The pressure - the brain drain! Such a difference when creating for myself and when creating for others. Whether it be for a workshop, submission, or sample, it is so much harder for me. I have to think about what other people will like instead of what I like. I am creating for an audience. It does not mean that I am not glad that I did it. It is always a challenge for me to do something like this. I love doing CHA. I am just glad that I can go do laundry now and sit with my son to have a cup of tea.

1 comment:

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

These are really stunning pieces. In my opinion, you have truly captured what the masses will want to make. I especially love the "D" with the added charms. Talk about layering!!