Sunday, March 02, 2008

Need help with die cut machine

Hey, I need some information. I want to make chipboard die cuts. Can anyone recommend a good die cutting machine? Just comment. Thanks!


Tania said...

Cuttlebug all the way!

Nancy Ward said...

I'm still using the original red Sizzix...without any complaints. Only disadvantage I can find is the larger dies from Sizzix and other companies can't be used (they're too large for the cutting plate of the red Sizzix). This trusy machine is fast and easy to use.

I see no need (at this time!) to get one of the expensive machines (Circut, etc.) that use cartridges rather than dies. One of those would be the only type I'd consider, but I'd still use my red dragon a lot of the time.

Anonymous said...

buy a wizard. can do so much more than just diecut.

can use any die on the market, not just their own.


Teyah44 said...

I use my Sizzix for cutting through cardboard (cereal box thickness)and it works great. However, you are dependent on the dies they offer instead of making originals. Scrapbook stores often allow you to cut out dies with their machines for $2.00 an hour. You can bring in your own paper and/or cereal boxes and cut away!!! I think it depends on what shapes you want to cut---who has the right die for your needs. Good luck! Lisa Paulson

Joe Guinan said...

Have you checked out our AccuCut machines and dies? Our GrandeMark machines cut chipboard easily and cleanly. We even offer black and white chipboard for sale.

Anonymous said...

Hands down - the Wizard - everything Sandy says - I have never been disappointed!

Judi Foster