Saturday, April 05, 2008

Charm Bracelet #3

I have a thing for hearts. Not the cutesy ones or the ones with sayings written on them. I especially love puffy hearts. I made this for the puffy heart lover. I did not put a lot on this bracelet for people who like the dangle but don't want to announce their arrival before they actually come anywhere close to where you are. Some people like a lot of stuff on their charm bracelets while others do not. Love the color of these copper hearts. I cannot believe how big they are. They do hang nicely on the ball chain. The chain is 8" long. I usually wear 7" or smaller. I have a very small wrist. The middle picture is a little blurry because it is hard to take a picture with one hand. My son took the bottom one.
I will post to Etsy later one - after I feed the kids. I just got home from soccer.

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