Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dyeing with Color Wash and Radiant Rain Misters

I have gotten a lot of emails asking me where to get Adirondack Color Wash and where to get Radiant Rain misters.

Here is the link to the Tim Holtz Adirondack Color Wash:
I buy my Color Wash from heartsintouch.com or franticstamper.com

Luminarte's Radiant Rain misters can be bought from their website:
The gold that I was using was solar gold. I also love the iridescent gold. They have very lucious colors.

Come back soon and I will be showing you how the Primary Elements Polished Pearls look like and how to use them in a technique.

If you want to dye muslin, then you can go to this blog entry in the Art Techniques blog:

What I did with the brown wrapping/packaging paper was
1. Crumple it and uncrumple several times.
2. You can dip the paper into the color wash with water and pearl ex or just spray some on directly from the bottle.
3. Spread the color wash generously on the brown paper. Allow some of it to pool into the crevices and crumpled areas.
4. Spray on various colors of Radiant Rain. You may or may not dab excess with paper towel to get off excess. I don't because I like the different colors I get from pooling and I really see the crinkles in the paper.

Email me if you have any questions. Link to email me - right column of blog.

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