Sunday, April 06, 2008

I got all excited...

when I saw these drill bits. Yes, 10 years ago, drill bits would not have thrilled me at all. If you look at the bottom of the drill bits where there is a black strip with white writing, you will see the drill bit sizes. You might want to click on the pict for a larger view. I mentioned awhile back that they should have the bit size somewhere on the actual casing. It has always been on the plastic packaging, but you always throw that out. At least I do. Now, when I am writing up instructions, I can tell you what drill bit I used. How cool is that? Big business listened to my suggestion. At least, I think it was me. That is my story and I am sticking to it!

Beats referring to it as the 3rd drill bit from the left. Yeah, gotta try and go to bed now. I am so in art mode. I did charms and charm bracelets this weekend. I am starting another wall hanging. I dyed some fabric for the quilt show. I colored some paper. Hands are kinda achy from the arthritis but I am in my groove. Hate to interrupt it with sleep. I fear that I will be useless tomorrow without it though. Can't deal with 6th graders unless I am focused and alert. Gotta love them.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Belinda: you are one bizzzy lady artiste !! how i admire your energy : ) wanted to comment on your goggle/blogger info because i notice that the bloggers who have that "security" type in the code box (?) seem to work all the time and the ones who don't, have posted some problems, kinda like yours ?? hope this makes sense ?? i personally do not have a blogg site myself - YET - i am one of those last of the dynasours that kick & scream at learning "new" (to me anyway, ha) techy stuff, ha. not sure if this is anywhere important, but thought I would share from a "user" end : )
Love & blessings, Sandra in AZ