Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Life Update

I mailed out all the ball chain yesterday. Email me please and let me know when you get it. If you wanted some and did not order, I have some extra for sale in my Etsy Store - link at right. will be carrying it soon.

I am too old to be pulling all-nighters. I did it last night to finish a couple of projects for submission. I cannot focus at all today! My eyes complained when I tried to put my contacts in. Coffee tasted pretty good but did nothing. I feel like my body is not attached to my brain today.

To top it off, my daughter's teacher calls my dh this morning to tell him about some technicality that might prevent her from going on a bowling field trip today. It was something that I felt that the teacher should have addressed with us well in advance of the field trip. I was upset - to say the least. It got resolved but I am still pissed beyond belief. I am upset as a parent. My dd has been looking forward to this for weeks. How do you tell a 5yro that she suddenly cannot go on a field trip? I was so ready to be on a tirade. I don't get like that way very often any more.

I will feel better after getting some sleep tonight. I think it is my anger is what's keeping me awake.

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