Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mixed media journal pages

I had to do two more journal pages because not everyone completed the swap that signed-up to do so. I was remiss and did not do it until after the Quilt Festival. I am still recovering. The top two pages are going to Elizabeth Dawson and Karen Moe. They are in the mail today! I have them packaged up and ready to go with the rest of your swap. Thanks for your neverending patience.
The background pages are scraps that I had glued together for another project. I used gold thread and sewed around the various edges. The scraps were all squares or rectangles. All regular polygons. I added some hole punch holes, little charms, little metal pieces, and other misc. things like jump rings to the middle section. Flattened that out a bit and then sewed a top layer with tulle. At the same time, I put on a layer of fabric on the back. I just love shaking it. I added the little eyelets with my crop-a-dile and put on the two heart charms with jump ring.
The only thing I might do differently next time is to put a layer of batting or Pellon in the middle so the page is more sturdy. It stands up by itself but is a little thin. I guess I still learn as I go.
Click on the pict for a more detailed view. Comments welcome.

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Cathy said...

Belinda - I love your pages! I finally bought some tulle but did not think to use it to "trap" loose things in it. What a great idea! You will see this turn up somewhere in something that I do soon!