Friday, April 04, 2008

One More Day until Charm Bracelet is given away!

Original charm bracelet give-away post:
You need to go here to post a comment to be entered to win the bracelet. Tomorrow is the last day to comment!

I have gotten a lot of emails asking me why the comments have not shown up. In my blog, I have to approve comments before they show up. That is because I have a problem with bots going into my blog and sending me garbage messages of all varieties. It is easier for me to control it this way.

I will approve all the comments for people to read on Sunday after the random generator has picked a winner. It is easier for me to count who is the winner before approving it. Makes it more fun anyway that you get to read all the comments at once.

So far, I have 70 comments for the drawing. No worries, I am getting all of them.

If you subscribe to my blog, you need to use the link to go to my blog or click on this link to go to the original post and comment there to be entered in the charm bracelet give-away.

I am making a buy on the ball chain on Friday 4/11. I will be getting gold and copper ball chain bracelets in the 6mm size and 8" length. You can use flush cutters to shorten it, if you want. I cut a few of the little "balls" off from the ones I wear. Save them for future art pieces! I think I am only going to do this one time. I am working on getting someone to supply it in their online store (nope, I don't do that type of thing-online store. I might if I never needed to sleep or did not have a family). Go to the right column and email me if you want to have gold and/or copper ball chain to make your own charm bracelets. I am charging what it costs me to get them and to send them to you. I wear my ball chain without anything on them.

I have 3 on my wrist right now. Don't hesitate or you will be sorry later that you did not take me up on this. These are great bracelets for those charms you have made for swaps or are thinking about making. I saw them at a stamp convention in silver. They are great to wear as necklaces as well. There were all sorts of little do-hickies and doo-dads attached to each link or section of ball chain. If you have ever seen a Tim Holtz assembled found object charm bracelet/necklace, then you can imagine what the found objects would look like on a ball chain bracelet or necklace. If you solder or do resin, you could use this chain to put put your soldered or resin charms on there.

I am not doing the necklaces because the ball chain would have to be bought in bulk and then the connectors separately. I don't have time for all that. Of course, if you don't mind the connectors, then you could link some of the bracelets up to make up a necklace length. You could probably solder the sections together, too.

Teaser: I have on my art table a bunch of charms and found objects just waiting to be assembled into found object charm bracelets. I have also assembled several types of charms from things I have laying around. I also just came across some resin charms I made long ago at Valley Ridge with Harriet. I will be attaching those to my bracelets. I am rooting through all my stuff for interesting things to put on the ball chain. Each bracelet will be one of a kind. I am in the groove now and will make several of them this weekend. I might even do some soldering. Who knows when I will make them again? Keep coming back to the blog to check if I have placed them on yet.

After this weekend, I need to make sure I have everything ready for the quilt show. The bracelet thing will be put on hold until after that. I will post my schedule for the quilt show so you can contact me, if you are going. I would love to meet some of you!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Charm Bracelet! Can't wait to wear it. thanks for all your good tips & techniques.
debbi g

becky.aistrup said...

I would like to buy 3 of each color of the ball chain (3 gold, 3 copper). LMK how much IOU.
Becky Aistrup
957 Ashland Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55104