Friday, April 18, 2008

Student story

I was in class yesterday teaching my kids how to do a survey. One of the questions that was asked was whether you like to draw or not. I said no because I really cannot draw and do not feel the desire to improve on it. One of my students asked how I could be an artist and not like to draw. I told him that there are many forms of art out there that do not require you to draw. He draws because he likes it and is good at it. I accept my limitations and don't feel that I have to overcome each one. I just told him that I don't have to be good at everything art related to be an artist. I guess I could have used a sport analogy but we just went on to the next thing. I guess that I could learn how to draw better but I use stamps and collage images instead. If I really need something drawn, my son or one of my students could do it for me. How about that for getting out of doing something?

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