Saturday, April 19, 2008

Topic of the Day (TOD for short)

I used to be able to put the TOD on the group calendar and it would show up. There is a glitch in the Mixed Media group where that does not work. Is it important enough for me to sit and figure it out? Not right now. So, I have been doing it manually when I remember. I only do it a few times a week anyway to give people time to respond and reflect. I just ask any question that comes to mind or sometimes it is about something that I, myself, am pondering.

For instance, I was in a cleaning and organizing mood. It helped that Joann's had all their plastic containers for 50% off. I bought a thread rack and a pseudo-tool box for my treasures. I have been putting my treasures in misc. cigar boxes or to the side. I decided that I would put them all in one place so I could have easy access when needed. I could take a quick glance to see what I have and what I might want to use. Treasures are things that I have collected that I use only for the right project or for a personal piece of jewelry. It is nothing that I would sell, give away, or trade. Most of the stuff is nothing special in itself. They are just things that I think are way cool or are nearly perfect to me. They just say something to me like "Keep me! Keep me!" Treasures are something I buy or keep for ME! I have been RAK'd with many treasures.

So that leads to my TOD. Do you have treasures? What do they tend to be? Where do you keep it? What do you do with them besides keep them hidden away to be taken out once in a blue moon to be admired?

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Bea said...

My treasure box is labeled ODD THINGS. I have pretties and sparklies that are treasures that I keep in their own containers but this box is filled with items that I find it very difficult to discard. If I haven't found a use for them before I pass on this will be the box that makes my children, grandchildren and whoever is left to go through my things, shake their collective heads.
I open my ODD THINGS box and share with you........
1 plastic sandwich container with the Wonder Bread logo on the front of it,
6 small, blue, plastic coin pigs from the local bank,
8 erasers shaped and marked like dice,
3 plastic, left foot molds and 3 plastic, right foot molds
1 small Asian design little pocketbook,
2 small, black plastic fake bowling balls,
They actually go with the 10 multi colored, plastic three inch, rabbit pins,
1 red plastic M $ M container,
1 green stretched in a circle slinky Christmas ornament,
4 plastic trivets made to look like wood circles all attached to each other,
1 left or right frog shaped green flip flop,
1 string of glass, crayon shaped lights,
1 small red and gold box that held a small bottle of Red Door perfume,
1 tiny gold sprayed angel playing a lute,
and two very sparklie gold and jewel like snowflake ornaments about 3 inches in diameter, oh and finally a plastic insert that has a smashed, on purpose, red and blue car on the top of it.
I have no idea where these things all came from it may be since this box doesn't have a lid they found their way to my studio. Some I know arrived by mail from friends that just KNEW I was the person that would give that item a good home.
However they made it here, they have a home for now. Although, this weekend I am taking a sculpture workshop and I may find I absolutely need to use these ODD THINGS in future artwork. :)Bea