Tuesday, May 13, 2008

more 2x2 metal samples

These are new. I just finished the 10 mil copper sheet ones this morning. If you want a more detailed view, then just click on the pict.
For the 10 mil - which I got from basiccopper.com. I took a large piece and painted it with copper Lumiere. Two coats, dry in between layers. I gave it a blast with my heat gun to make sure it would stick to the metal. So far, it is holding up really well. Used coarse sand paper and a paper clip to get the roughness and little nicks. I cut the squares out using a 2" square template cut from matboard. I rounded the corners with scissors. I sanded so the edges would not be too sharp. I used a hot glue gun and some metal scraps for the focal images. I also had some other little doo hickies that I added on. Sometimes, the hot glue gun will not work and will slide off when dry. That happened with some of them. I just used some liquid glue and stuck it back on. I was going for grungy, so I used some fluid acrylics on top of the metal to complete the look.
Swap sign-ups in the Mixed Media Art Friends group still open. You can see where I punched the hole and put in an eyelet for the binding ring. You are welcome to do this technique for your 2x2s. I am sure that you will have a very different piece from mine. I love seeing other people's perspectives!
Comments welcome.


Tami Roth said...

Wow, glad I'm in this swap :)
Thanks for sharing your technique. I'm using vintage mini license plates that my mom gave me and they are already cut and sanded the edges and am just conjuring up a collage for them :)
Hugs and thinking of you Belinda,

Cindy said...

Love your 2 x 2 metal samplings. I could these used in recycled jewelry, maybe smaller in size. Great work! Sorry to hear about your sister. I lost a younger brother a few years ago, you have my sympathies and prayers!

pattie said...

These are so freaken FABULOUS!!!!!!

Dana said...

Belinda, I love your metal squares. Mine are completely different. I'm using clear silicon caulk to adhere pieces together. Works very well.