Friday, May 02, 2008

My newest creation

I was sitting with my kids watching the new Zoey 101 and now the Stepford Wives (new one with Matthew Broderick). I put this together while sitting there.

Here is the history leading to this newest endeavor. I have only a few watches. I like Fossil. I am forever breaking my watches. I am very hard on them. I can wear shoes forever but am forever cranking my wrist on something or another. The only Fossil that fits me right now needs a new battery. Gave it to the dh to replace. You know how long it has been? I had a cheapie watch bracelet that I have been wearing ever since. I just lost it at school breaking up a little fight. Now, I am currently watch-less. I am not of the generation that just uses the cell phone to check the time. I don't carry my cell phone around with me while in school. It is a tad inconvenient for me to do that.

Well, I have some watch faces. Don't ask me why. I have all sorts of crap from something or another. I just collected some things that I thought would look good on it and put it together with wire and jump rings. I got it done pretty quickly. It goes down to my belly button.

You may ask why the watch face is upside down. That is so I can just flip it up and look at it. A lot of them are like that - the ones meant to be pendants. I will start experimenting again tomorrow. Lots of things to try - new resin/molds, Polished Pigments, adhesive, stamps, and bangles. So much to do and so little sleep!
BTW, it looks fantabulous on.


Sandy said...

It looks so feminine and lacy. It will go with everything.

purplepaint said...

Belinda - this is very cool, I love it!! Did you make the big swirl? Marva

This 'n That said...

Belinda.......this is too cool. I admit to being a bit of a watch freak. I used to buy every "far out" watch I saw that didn't cost too much. I just love what you did and it was a super idea. Now I must have one......or more.. depending on how many watches with cool faces I can find around here that don't need batteries. Thanks for sharing!

Judi Foster

By the way......I only use the cell for a watch when I forget my watch!