Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sewing Machines

I have a simple Singer Machine right now. I am trying to get a more elaborate machine since I am doing so much more art quilting now. Anyone have any good recommendations? I am looking for more types of stitches but easy to use at the same time. I will need to sew through multiple layers since I like to use metal foil and paper in my quilts. I am looking in the $200-400 range.

Please post your recommendations in the comments section. Thanks!


Paularay said...

You might look into a used upholstery sewing machine or heavy duty baby lock.

purplepaint said...

Hey Belinda - I have a Singer 7462, pretty sure that's the model number. It costs $199 or a little over $200. It has lots of stitches, about 60 some I think, and is really easy to use. Not sure about sewing through metal but I've used it to sew through paper and fabric and do the Traci Bautista book I did. Walmart has it, at least they did.... :) Marva

Bea said...

The most important thing about buying a sewing machine is buying one from a dealer that will service it and hope that your dealer is going to stay in business while you own the sewing machine. Otherwise you could end up driving long distances to have to fixed.
Second, take scraps of fabric with you and actually try out a machine.
Believe it or not they seem to have personalities. I love Janome machines. I do not get along with some other well known machines. It doesn't sound like a big issue but trust me it can be. Sew as long as you need to on the different models. You will soon know what you NEED, what you would like and what isn't going to work for you.
There are lots of models in the range you have indicated. I have a back up Janome machine it's called Heart something and it's red and white. Sews like a champ. Has a ton of stitches, lots of things I have on my more expensive machine.
Doesn't bounce up and down when I sew on my fold up table. And, I think it came in under $400.00.
Hope this helps. :)Bea

Anonymous said...

I just heard that Costco has a Brother sewing machine with tons of fancy stitches and a separate foot for free motion sewing. It comes highly recommended by two expert sewers and the best part is it is only $140.00!! I am going to try and get one next week.
Hope this helps.
Lyn A.