Monday, May 26, 2008

TOD - what do you resist using?

What is one thing that you try very hard NOT to use when you do artwork?

I don't like to use gluesticks. I don't know why. I use my fingers all the time with acrylic paints, liquid glue, and gel medium. I just don't like getting the stickiness from the glue stick on my fingers. It might also be that I don't think glue sticks work as well.I resisted using fabric in my art for the longest time. Now, I use fabric in a lot of my artwork. My sewing machine is my friend. Sewing fabric and paper is very soothing for me. I compare it to cold joining with metal. I don't have to use glue. Well, I still use a little bit of it sometimes to hold something down before I sew on it.

What about you? Post a comment. I would love to know.


Liz said...

Have you used fusible web or bonding powder as a glue? (You use the heat of an iron to bond it to things). Nice and dry! Misty Fuse is a fusible web I've recently started using and I like it better than the rest - it doesn't leave things too stiff.

beckyais said...

I have resisted soldering because when I do it, it never looks very good. I know, practice makes perfect, so I need to work on it.