Tuesday, June 10, 2008

6" panels for a private swap

Just wanted to post my final results. We got the idea from a Quilting Arts issue. I offered it as a swap in one of my groups but did not get a good response. Elizabeth, a friend of hers, and I are doing 2 squares for each person so we end up with 6 including our own. I did not exactly stick to the color scheme for mine, so I made an extra panel in case the other two were too busy for what they wanted to create with it. I got a little delayed in doing it with my sister's passing. I also had the end of school. I lost my muse for a couple of weeks. It is slowly coming back. She is dipping her big toe back into the water. My muse is slowing wading back in.

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Kate said...

I love your work, it really speaks to me.