Saturday, June 21, 2008

Everything is relative

For some reason, I picked up a book in the discount bin called Bergdorf Blondes. I enjoy reading how the other half lives. I am not rich but not poor. I am not sure where I am on the middle class rung. I know that I have a lot more than others yet am lacking compared to other people.

Yes, I get slightly envious when I see people's art space that are nicely decorated with clean, organized shelves, bookshelves, and nice pieces of furniture to display their artwork. My art space consists of our second floor loft and loft closet. I share that space with my husband's computer and desk. I fear that I will soon be joined by my son because he just inherited a laptop.

I cannot comprehend how people who have a lot of money can spend so much money on face peels and clothing. Is it because I cannot do it? I cannot see myself spending hundreds - let alone thousands of dollars for one dress. I cannot imagine starving myself or coloring my hair to look like everyone else. I thought that I was being extravagant when I would buy myself a Coach purse. I can't even do THAT now because a Coach purse has gotten SOOO expensive. After having 2 c-sections, I do not understand how people can routinely get elective surgery to remain looking 22 at 56. The risk is too great for me to contemplate. Yeah, I will grow old ungracefully.

I guess that it is all relative. Look at all the art stuff I have. I do have a thing for purses. I think about what else I could do with the money. It seems to be a waste to me. I am 44 and walking around in flip flops (by choice, mind you). I prefer jeans and shorts to a skirt or casual pants. I have only just begun wearing shirts with patterns on it. I have been doing black and solid earth tones for a very long time. Yes, I easily fit into that black/white look that a lot of teachers wear.

I did not even know what Jimmy Choos were until I saw it on an episode of Sex In the City (no, I have not seen the movie yet). I would have just thought it was the name of another Chinese relative that I have yet to meet. Fashionable clothing and shoes look uncomfortable to me.

Is it just that I don't wish for what I can't have? If I could have it, would I indulge? Would I be easily swept up in that rich lifestyle? Does it really exist or is it just fiction? I live near Chicago. We are not known for high fashion. I don't go to Downtown Chicago/Magnificent Mile enough to know what would be the height of fashion or not anyway. I don't read any of the fashion magazines. That stuff makes me laugh out loud anyway. I am lucky if I keep up with the "Do" and "Don't" things for that specific year. Yeah, I am lacking in that department. I might be behind a year.

I don't feel the need to be first to get anything except maybe something in electronics. I don't even do the "first" thing when it comes to art supplies. I wait and try it out first before buying. I try to buy only what I will use when it comes to art or jewelry. Can you imagine being a three year waiting list for a Birkin purse? They are so big that I can hide my 5 yro daughter in one of them with all my other crap that I carry around. It is larger than the Olsen Twin I have seen carrying one.

It was amusing for me to read how other people live. It was also comforting to know that they have problems, too. Their problems might not be the same as mine but they deal with issues just like I do on a daily basis.

Going to work on projects now. Done musing.

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Peg said... said you're not growing old gracefully. I disagree. It's the people who frantically fight to stay young-looking that are not so graceful. I recently quit coloring my hair, and I think it looks all right. Getting used to a lot of white. I say "Lean into it!" or, "If you're falling, DIVE!"