Thursday, June 12, 2008

Playing with my Diva Impression Stamps

The backgrounds were done with Polished Pigments for the 1.5" chipboard squares. I had some leftover from some ATC backgrounds that I was doing for Elizabeth's swap in the ABC_alteredbookclub group. I figured I might as well use the rest of the Polished Pigments. The bottom piece was done with polymer clay. All the focal image stamps were from Diva Impression Rubber Stamps - link in right column.
I combined white and ivory poly clay. I mixed it together and then used a pasta machine to soften and flatten. I then stuck the stamp in there and used the roller to get even coverage in the clay. Bake as instructed on the clay. Let dry. Use some burnt umber to get the paint into the crevices. I used one of those SuperBrush swab thingies and it worked great in the smaller, tight areas. Let the paint dry for at least 10 minutes. Use a wipe and get the excess off the top. Use fine sandpaper - wet - and sand the surface. Some of the paint on the surface may come off. The stuff in the crevices should pretty much stay. Sand until you get the finish you like - so it looks kinda like bone. Use a paper towel and dry. Dab on bits of paint in crevices if it comes off. You can seal with poly clay sealer or spray seal it. I am giving these two pieces away in the Diva Impressions RS Yahoo group. Link in right column.


Rosie said...

Love the squares - they look fab! And those clay pieces are really stunning! As you say, they look like bone!

purplepaint said...

Belinda - love these! The bottom clock pieces are my faves! For a minute I thought you had pressed them into metal...... I wonder if that would work on copper sheet? Hmmm, I may have to try that! :) Marva