Tuesday, June 17, 2008

postcards to Kelli

Bandanna Flowers
Bandanna Buttons
Taking my own path

These are the fabric paper postcards that I just made for Kelli. One of the things that I had to get used to when going from paper to fabric is that the focal points can be so vastly different. In a lot of art quilts, the focal point is not obvious to me. It may not be there at all. It seems to be more about patterns, colors, and textures than anything else. Maybe, that is just what I see.

I figure that the design composition with fabric may be different or the artist's viewpoint is different. I find that I no longer use collage images much except for maybe ATCs and inchies. I use them once in awhile with fabric but that is more of a muse than anything else. I find myself more drawn now to fibers, buttons, and other more "raw" objects than commercial. As said before, it is a preference. It is not a "diss" to people who use commercial images. I still have them and use them - just not as much.

I am happy right now because what I am doing allows me to use found objects and re-purposed things a lot in many different ways. I get to use my beloved metals as much as before. Even though I have slowed down, I am still experimenting. I am in love with my sewing machine and fabric. Yeah, it might change, but I am happy with it right now. It might just be that I am happy that I am on summer vacation. Yes, kids, teachers love summer vacation even more than you do! We love all of you but we need a break, too.

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Sandy said...

Love these postcards and the bandanna technique. I think using the white pen really adds drama to your pieces. What kind of pen are you using?