Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rubber Stamps for Sale - Sold

Sold - gone. Thanks!

I have a bunch of rubber stamps that I don't use any more.

There are over 30 UM stamps that are for polymer clay, Zettiology, tsunami, and more. The Zetti stamps are great stamps.

I also have 4 of the 7 Gypsies stamps that wind around and there are words on there. It is like a manual date stamp but with words on it.


Michael deMeng stamp with the two skull heads in a boat
Invitation stamp with spider hanging from it
deMeng man stamp with a border. Part of his head is shifted. It is a big stamp.
Postmodern Design Wooden Ruler Border
Zetti - Asian girl pouring tea
Stampington Diagram Man
deMeng skull with a flower in his jacket
deMeng skull that says Thomas Becket on it
Stamper's Anonymous stamp that has Albert Einstein at the bottom. It is a collage stamp that is circular
10 misc mail art stamps including a Mona Lisa face
deMeng heart
big ruler which has 1 and 2 on it
Stamper's Anon ruler
Nick Bantock Tamarind
I think this is a Tim Holtz one with tix in the background and guys in an old car on RR tracks
Stamp with just lines on it for text
Zetti stamp where you see the woman's eyes and she has the striped Zetti hat on

There's over 55 stamps in the box. I am asking for $70 plus $8 for flat rate mailing due to weight. That is less than $2 per stamp! Most of them are used but are still in excellent condition.

Email me if interested. Paypal only.

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sue scott said...

Absolutely love the post modern ruler border stamp and am trying to find it do you have any suggetions where i may be able to pick it up? other than ebay?? Cheers Sue