Sunday, June 08, 2008

Source for inchie and ATC backs

I have a preference for chipboard blanks for ATCs and inchies. I like that they are firm, less likely to warp, and take on layers of material. I can punch a hole through them with a crop-a-dile
Well, has them for sale. You can get them in chipboard and in various types of paper.
The prices are very reasonable. Email her if you want to buy in larger quantities than listed. I buty the ATC backs in packs of 100 because I use them for samples a lot.
You might be saying that you can cut them yourself. You might be able to do that with paper and a paper cutter, but I have never been able to do it well with chipboard or matboard. You have to have a special cutter for that. My lines are never straight. It is really worth it to me to get the straight lines and not take the time to cut them myself.
BTW, I don't get anything for this. I am just passing it on to people as a good source. I buy from them just like you do. I found this company on eBay and asked her about doing bulk ATC backs and if she could do inchie squares.
Just send me a finished ATC or inchie for passing this along. 8-)
Really, if you scan an ATC or inchie using the chipboard backs, I will post it on my blog for everyone to see. I will credit you, of course.

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