Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Grid Ribbon

http://tinyurl.com/58nmmz link to eBay store in case top link is broken

I was surfing on eBay looking for I can't remember what and I came across this grid ribbon. I bought a sampler pack and then some other colors. I got this great color - copper! My favorite metallic color. I brought it on vacation with me to have something to do while watching TV in the room. You can click on the link to make the pictures larger. Yeah, my grid ribbon the right is not straight. When am I ever straight any way? Don't you love the little face peeking out from the middle of the flower? I did not want to put a button over her little face. The little quilties are for a project that I am working on. No rush though because I need to get stuff done for the infomercial this week. Leaving Friday afternoon. Triple EEEKS!!!
I thought I would share because this is a fun and very cheap way of embellishing. You could probably paint them, too.

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