Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Make 'n Take mask at Paverpol Booth

This is the mask that I made at the Paverpol booth. Isn't it cool? It was a plastic mask. I dipped cheesecloth and some cotton fabric in this dark goop. Squeezed out the excess and then started plastering it on the mask. If you position the fabric in a certain way, it will stay there and dry like that. It turns a great bronze color when dry. I put on some funky texture and it came out great. I will have to finish it when I find some time. I am going to have to buy this stuff to try it out on collage. It would also be great to use on fabric. They have it in clear as well. Think of the possibilities!

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eclectic works said...

I checked out the link to the Paverpol you added because it does sound like a great product when I read your description of it and how you used it...I thought using it for collage work would be cool too! I like that when it dries it turns bronze in color, and the texture it would add to any piece! Thanks for sharing this product with us.