Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Trish Bee and Techniques

I am not sure how many of you know about Trish Bee and her techniques. She is also a technique junkie - like me! Actually she is way more organized about sharing her techniques. I just post mine on the blog as I go along. She has challenges on her blog. I just do the challenges in the Mixed Media Art Friends group. Trish Bee also runs a Yahoo group. You can find the link to her Next Gen Stamping Group under her site links. I am part of that Next Gen Group.

You can see her techniques here - she even archives them! I just started labeling my blog posts. Art-Quest Challenge Background Noise Challenge - you will find a lot of great background techniques here. Most are quick and easy.

Just wanted to share.


Trish Bee said...

Thankyou for the plug & mentioning my site! Im always following your blog, its on my google reader list and I love to see what your making next!

Scrappy Cat said...

Thanks for the link to Trish Bee - great resource.