Sunday, August 24, 2008

The big and the small of it all

These are some fun things that I got recently. The ATC on the left is a fantabulous needlefelted one from Becky Aistrup. I liked it, hinted that I wanted it, and she sent it! Okay, I came out and asked for it. The worst she could have said was no. I love fun stuff like that! The next thing is a huge-o paper clip that I got from WalMart. They are $.97 for 12! Don't know what I will use it for but it will fit into a piece of art one day. The paper clip next to that is the regular large size and then the small paper clip. Cannot believe the huge-o paperclip is almost the length of an ATC!

Are you seeing the small-o buttons on the right? They are 4mm and 6mm buttons. They are not easy to find. The 6mm are easier to find since they are doll buttons. You need a very slender beading needle for the 4mm. I might just glue those on. (I'm laughing at myself right now as I am typing). No, really, I might just not sew the 4mm buttons on but cheat and glue them instead. You can get those now at Link in my right column. BTW, you try picking them off the scanner. I don't have very long nails. They went popping all over the place.

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