Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fantasy vs. Reality

I was thinking about this on the way home today. Well, it is technically yesterday now. Most of you know that I don't sleep much. I do most of my art at night. I am just a little bent because of my sister. I read about Michelle Ward's little sister and it got me going about my sister. I am slightly distraught and am too wired to go to sleep. Might as well use the time constructively. Anyway, I digress.

I was flipping channels late night last week and came across this adult program where a woman was flashing her boobs. I stopped surfing long enough to glimpse how huge-o and perky they were on this relatively thin woman. She had obviously had a boob job. At the time, I wondered if fake boobs are "all that". Is the fantasy better than the reality or having big boobs the bestest thing ever? I am not being facetious about it. Are they really worth it? I don't know because I have never had that procedure done. Comment if you have. You might have had them reduced instead of enlarged. In that case, I am assuming that you are happy about it. You are welcome to tell me about your breast reduction as well.

I was in a workshop today when I overheard some women commenting on a guy walking across the lobby. They were discussing their idea of a perfect guy. Technically, I was not eavesdropping. I was trying to call my kids during my lunch to see how they were doing. Not my fault if they talked loudly and close enough for me to hear even if my hearing aid had been turned off. Is there really such a thing as a perfect guy or is it just a fantasy that women (or even other men) chase? After you find it, is that man really as good as the fantasy? I read the occasional romance novel. Is the fantastically, awesome, laboriously long love scene as good in real life as in the book? Is what they describe in those books humanly possible anyway? Now, I am being snotty.

You get my gist by now. What is your particular fantasy? Did you obtain that fantasy? If you did, then was it as good as you thought it would be or even better? Or, did the fantasy totally suck? I don't fantasize about anything in particular or of any real magnitude. Thus, I cannot answer my own questions. Maybe you can. It would make for an interesting conversation even though it might just be theoretical. See what happens when I don't go to sleep.


Elizabeth in NM said...

You crack me up! You really need to get some sleep :)

AimeeInOhio said...

I have big boobs, naturally and some days they are NOT *all that*...such as when it's "that time" and they hurt really badly (and not to mention they REALLY SWELL!!), or the days that they just ache when the bra comes off (hubby says from the shear weight of them, and offers to hold 'em up! LOL)..Button up shirts? nope. bras aren't cheap, can't wear the cute little ones, etc...I could go on.

As for those love scenes? I think it would be exhausting!! LOL And I don't know how in the world anyone would be able to 'do it' that way. It's fun to think about but certainly not reality. :o)

In my experience, those 'perfect' guys aren't so perfect....A guy that pretty spends more time in the bathroom than most women do. Now, my husband is cuter than heck and the waitresses always flirt with him,etc, but he is very low maintenance (there are things I wish he'd maintain MORE! LOL), but I've dated some so-called perfrct looking guys and OH MY GAWD let me in the bathroom already!!! rarely do ya find a NATURALLY PERFECT looking human- guy or girl.