Saturday, August 16, 2008


My summer vacation is almost over. I have one more week until I am back at school full-time. I could have used another month. It is a lot to think about with everything I have to do. My daughter is starting all-day Kindergarten and my son will be in 4th grade. Really, the time flies so much faster the older I get. I remember how time dragged on when I was in college. I thought that I would never graduate.

My son is having one of his soccer friends sleep over tonight. I bought them some chips and other snackies for their late night food raids. I always indulge in a carton of fat free french onion dip when he has a sleep-over. I figure I am the one who will have to stay up with them. I don't go to sleep until they do. My dh can never stay up that late. Chips and dip tide me over until they finally go to sleep. They are still up now playing Wii. I might have to break out a chunk of my big, huge-O bar of Chunky candy bar. Raise your hand if you remember Chunky! Not a lot of stores carry it any more. I find it sometimes at the local CVS or Walgreens pharmacy.

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JeanM said...

The old chunky's tasted better. Maybe it was the way they wrapped them. These new ones are sealed tight. Maybe Chunky's need air for that old time taste LOL. I'd leave one out to air to test my theory but hey someone is gonna eat it!