Monday, August 25, 2008

Picts from Lego Land

The kids had a lot of fun. It is really amazing what can be done with Legos. I am still sending picts from my iPhone to my computer. I will add more picts when I have some time. We went to the new one in Schaumburg, IL, this past Friday. Kids loved it. I did not think it was worth the price of admission - which was hefty. The Lego structures were fabulous. The layout and brochure looks a lot better than what is really there. There is a dragon ride which was very short with a long line. Cool things to see though. We went through the factory to see how a Lego is made. It was so sad. It was such a simplistic demo and the kids did not even get to keep the Lego that was made! The 4D movie was really cute and the 3D effects were pretty good - even better than some other movies I have seen. There is also an area for physical play and for building. They were way smaller than I thought it would be. There was also the jungle thing that you walked through. The Lego animals were way cool but it was a short walk-through. On the way to the Jungle thing is a miniature skyline of Chicago built with Legos. That must have taken forever to build. So, there were 5-6 attractions that did not take long to get through. I thought that we would be there all day. It only took us 2-3 hours to get through the whole thing and a lot of that time was spent in line. It was fun for the kids, but we are not going back again. The most amazing thing to me was that there was not a lot for sale in their store. They only had the large kits available for $80 or more. They also sold individual pieces of Legos for a ridiculous price. We did not buy anything there. My son was disappointed but I took him to WalMart the next day (after the Scrapbook Expo, of course). We bought 2 kits for less than $20. Granted, they were smaller kits. It did take him some time to put them together though. He spent the rest of Saturday making them. He was happy as a pig in cool mud.


AdeleSews said...

Maybe if these attractions knew how the word got around they would shape up their act! I love your blog, have you ever noticed how many people into textiles are educators? I noticed it a while ago and asked a few of the yahoo groups and the response was very surprising even to me. Have a great term, this term is always my favourite it ends with Christmas and the kids just love making all those wonderful decorations.

Erin Glee said...

Thank you for sharing all your tips and experience with silkscreen. The orange and gold one took my breath away it was so beautiful! I also really liked that green-blue-purple-pinkish got great results! I enjoyed silkscreening in High School a million years ago.
I'll show my kids your Lego Land pictures when they get son went to the one in Carlsbad, CA last summer and LOVED it!
Have a great day!

Elizabeth said...

Love the lego pictures- amazing what can be done with plastic blocks!!
BY the Way- 2 articles in a row in CPS!!! You are amazing and all of the recognition is so so well deserved!!
i have said it before and doubtless I will say it again! You ROCK!!

wahm922 said...

My boys LOVE legos and they'll do anything to take a trip across the country to go to Lego Land in CA. I didn't know there was more then one. I wonder if the one in CA is bigger and better?

Sorry it wasn't all that great, I know how that feels to expect something and it turns out all the hype was better then the actual event.

We just saw how logos were made on the Science Channel the other day and I agree a very simple process, the boys expected it to be this great thing.

Check out the online games at - my kids love playing those.

So what's next - altered legos, lord knows we've got tons of them around here!

Debby said...

I've never been to lego land. Looks cool! I love your silk screened silk. Very beautiful! I have an award for you on my blog because you have been an inspiration to me for a very long time. Thank you for that.