Sunday, August 03, 2008

Quickly! Pick out a shape that is most like you. Don't think about it too long. Done? Keep reading.

(Please note that this may not hold true for everyone. This is just for fun. You can investigate this further if it is of interest to you. )

When you are done, look below for an explanation of each shape.

○ Square – left-brain, logical, blue, process oriented, follow things through to see the end results
○ Circle – green, ecology, left and right-brain, best listeners, value relationships, take your time
○ Triangle – red, top of the triangle, power positions like owner, interested in results, excellent decision makers, time precious, not very polite, down to business
○ Squiggle – Right-brain, best talkers and motivators, creative, inspired, fun

Just a side note, I started out as a triangle and am now a squiggle - since becoming an artist and a teacher. I have also always been a square. I draw squares and triangles a lot when doodling. Yes, I squiggle a lot, too. I have to consciously think about circles before adding them to my art.


Sandy said...

I am a circle, and after reading the results, I concur.

Stark Raving Newbie said...

I am most definitely a squiggle and I married a square. It works well for us! He gives good, detailed comments on my artwork! Hahahaaa!

PS: Your works with Tim's Trinkets are inspiring!