Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wax Paper Resist Technique

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I needed a break from article writing. I have not been posting as many techniques as I sometimes do because a lot of what I am doing nowadays is for articles for this or that magazine. Some publications frown on my putting anything on my blog beforehand.

I read about this in another group. Most of you have probably already done this. I have not. All you need is some white card stock (glossy and plain white). Plain white will work if you don't have glossy -which I did not, piece of wax paper slightly larger than card stock, stamp pad or spray color like Color Wash. You can even use watercolors. You will also need an iron and ironing board. Use a large sheet of release paper or piece of newspaper between you and the wax paper so you don't goop up the bottom or your iron.

1. Crumple and uncrumple your wax paper a couple of times. Flatten it out a bit - just enough to have it about the size of your piece of paper. Don't flatten it out too much or you won't get the groovy lines.

2. Place the wax paper between two sheets of card stock. Turn your iron on a med high to high setting. Put a piece of release paper, scratch paper, or newspaper on top. You need the paper between you and the wax paper or you will get melted wax on your iron. Iron the paper slowly to melt the wax. Don't let the sandwich shift too much or the cool lines will be blurred. The melted wax from the peaks of the wax paper texture will come out on your card stock. If you look it through the card stock in the light, you will see the texture.

3. Put the card stock wax side up on your table with something underneath it so your table won't get dirty. I tried a Distress pad on it (DTP) and it worked. I liked the color wash the most. Just spritz on and let dry. I used several colors on one sheet of card stock. I also used a little gold Radiant Rain at the end. That might be the reason why the texture lines are not as white or as sharp. Love the shimmer though.

4. Let dry completely and use as a background for whatever project.
BTW, I tried it with paint on the wax paper and then ironed it. It did not work. The paint acted as a glue and stuck the wax paper to the card stock. Now I know what NOT to do.


Trish Bee said...

Great colour combos! I need to get hold of some wax paper cos I havent tried it either!

wahm922 said...

Great technique - thanks for sharing. I plan to try this one soon. Backgrounds are one of my favorite things to do!

Carol said...

Love the colors you got with this technique! Love browsing through your blog. Welcome to ccswaps. And Happy Anniversary!

purplepaint said...

Oh this is too cool!!! I've got to try this one!