Sunday, September 21, 2008

Attn: lovers of small buttons

Yes, I am speaking to art quilters, fabric artists, inchie fanatics, ATC junkies, and any artist who works on a small scale. I love small buttons. I am talking about 4mm and 6mm. They are not easy to find and not so cheap when you figure out how much for each piece of tiny plastic. Well, do not despair. is now selling them by the gross! thinks that quantity is a lot but they do not understand that you end up losing some of them. Some of them get eaten by the sock monster that makes your socks disappear in the dryer. You use up dozens of them in one art quilt or art piece. They work great as the center of my Prima flowers. It is a great way of attaching the flower to my fabric pieces. You can also put a small bead on top of the button. I sometimes cheat and glue on the 4mm because they are so small. I actually like working with the 6mm ones more. They make great eyes. I am going to use them on my doodads that I am planning on making this week. If I get the time, that is.

Buttons are here:

I am off to get some myself.

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