Saturday, September 20, 2008

BJP - September bead project

I am a BJP newbie. First time doing this. I got involved with this challenge so that I would get better at beading on fabric. It is also a great thing to do while being forced to watch kiddie programs with my kids during "us" time. I am determined to not let my arthritis stop me from doing things.

The diamond is about 4x3". The backing is chipboard. There is batting between the silk material and the chipboard back. I sewed a border along the edges so the edges would be clean and crisp instead of messy. I used embroidery floss to make the diamond rows. I did no measuring - eyeballed it. That is why it is not very even. I am not like that. I do not exactly measure something unless I have to. I used 3mm sequins, 5 mm sequins and who knows how big the flower sequins are. The blue beads are 11/0. I am pretty happy with it. I am still working on the sewing part. The bead rows are not perfect. I made a couple of mistakes but did not undo what I did. My dh says it looks like a big cookie. What does he know?

You can find out more about the bead journal project (BJP) and see other people's work at

Comments welcome. It will be interesting to see how my work changes at the end of this project.


abeadlady said...

What a nice start to your year! The yellow is cheery and your lines look just fine. Way to go!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You do such great work, even with, or possibly in spite of, your arthritis. I can't believe you only eyeballed this project.


KV said...

This is so charming, Belinda!

Kathy V in NM

pam T said...

very pretty! Love the color... yellow seems to say SMILE!

pam T (WI)

Kelly said...

I really like it! I think you did a great job. I don't personally think it looks like a cookie.

Genie said...

Looking good so far Belnda, Keep up the good work

nologic said...

Your September page is beautiful. I like the colors and texture. I'm looking forward to your October page.

CC said...

Hi! And welcome! I really like your September piece...and I really like cookies!!! So you made us all happy!
Warmest aloha,

heidibeads said...


Great start, love the colors and textures and relate to the "us" time tv show watching. That's when I do mine - I'm really getting tired of spongebob! Can't wait to see next months.

Robin said...

This is way fun! I love things, especially grids, that are uneven... human, like us! Did you paint the silk? What is chipboard? Did you sew through it too, or just the edges. I think you're the first to choose the diamond as your shape for the year. It's fab!!!

Robin A.

freebird said...

I think it looks great. I don't think it looks like a cookie. Reminds me more of a bit of stained glass or some Indian embroidery. I like the shape and the colors. It's a fun looking piece. Did you mention on the main BJP blog that you had finished this? I must have missed the posting.

Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Belinda...I am just finally catching up with other BJP members today!

Your September piece is just great! I love that you used embroidery floss, sequins and beads! The yellow silk is a great background color! Good for you to not undo your mistakes...or feel that it has to be perfect!

I look forward to seeing October and your other monthly pages!

Have a great weekend...

~Lisa ;-)