Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm in the Dremel Informercial!!!

This past July, I was flown out to California to participate in filming a Dremel informercial. It was a very fun weekend thing. Of course, being part of it did not mean that I would be part of the final cut! Well, I am! I am! Some of you might think that I am some big rock star artist, but I am just a self-taught mixed media artist who gets very excited when published or is on TV (for the very first time!). This was a huge opportunity for me. I was very excited to be part of it.

If you are ever up late at night or early in the morning, then surf channels looking for me. If you are the type that actually has to sleep, then go here and you can view my testimonial.

Some of you will ask me if it is a good deal. It really is. It is a great price for all the stuff in there. I have several Dremel rotary tools and I use my 300 series the most. The 300 series is the one featured in the infomercial. I have a 300 and all the stuff that comes with this deal. I use my Dremel stuff all the time. The 300 is a workhorse. I like the way it is designed. It is easier for my small hands to hold. The 400 XPR is also good but it is for people who are very serious users. I also have a 400. I don't use the regular cutting wheels. I only use the EZ lock wheels. I have a multi-vise and it is mounted to my art table in the garage. I don't do engraving so I can't really comment on that. It is something that I want to try. I am going to have to go over to Jim Chin's house and learn from a calligraphy master. He is great at glass etching. I just know that there was a woman doing the infomercial that does art on motorcycles. That was way cool! The informational DVD is new and I have not viewed it yet. I will let you know when I do.

Come to think of it...even though I don't engrave; I have used the engraving tools to make some pretty cool marks and gouges in variou materials like metal and wood.

Let me know if you see me!


jackieb said...

Congratulations! You deserve it! I know you have used your dremel for almost everything so it is fitting at you should be able to do a commercial on it's benefits :}

Can you use your dremel to cut "off with their heads". Some say you have to get a glass cutter???? just wondering.

thanks, keep up the AMAZING work.

a fan!

scrappinkaren said...

Looked at the link...You look great and your bracelet is such an awesome way to show how great their machine is. My husband has the 300 and I borrow his all the time. If I see you on TV I will let you know. Congrats on being chosen to be in the infomercial.

Suzanne said...

Belinda, You look marvelous and sound wonderful! It is so exciting! Big happenings for you between this and your wonderful magazine spread! Congratulations!

Sarah E. said...

Congratulations on such a great opportunity! I also really like the tool information on your sidebar and how you categorize particular items as good for a beginner or expert. VERY useful..thanks!!