Saturday, September 06, 2008

Mary Kay Home Party

I went to one last night at my next door neighbor's house. I am not a big Mary Kay fan but I thought that I could go and support her new business. She babysits for us once in awhile. She is very nice with two young children of her own. I went over there at the allotted time. It did not get into full swing until an hour later. The woman who actually ran the party has been with Mary Kay for over 20 years. She did most of the talking. I ended up sitting closest to her and was her make-up model. If you already don't know, I don't wear a lot of make-up. I sometimes just put moisturizer on my face, a little mascara, maybe lipstick/lip balm, and I am out the door. The Mary Kay woman was so enthusiastic, full of energy, and sweet, that I thought my teeth would melt. I could not help snickering at some of the things. I realize that Mary Kay has been around for a long time, but I was told more information about the Mary Kay organization than I will ever want to know. I am prepared if there is ever a trivia question about Mary Kay cosmetics. Weren't they the ones with pink cars? You know how I feel about pink.

I am not a hard-sell person. That comes from being an industrial buyer for so many years. You can tell me anything you want but I won't believe it until I see it working. It took awhile to get to the playing part. There was a little contest to see who could cleanse, exfoliate, and put on moisturizer the fastest. Well, I was done before some people were done with step 1. I always work fast at workshops. I don't take very long to get ready for school every day. I take less than 45 minutes to put in my contacts, shower, do my make-up, and get dressed. There are some days where it is less than half an hour when I don't dawdle and do major thinking while wasting hot water in the shower. The cleansers and the moisturizers work really well. I was groovin' on the exfoliating system. The whole cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing system costs over $100. The exfoliating part was over $50. I cannot justify that cost for my face. There are other things that I can do with that money. supplies. Sorry, my face lost. I can't spend that kind of money in this economy. I am pretty happy with my Neutragena and Philosophy stuff. I did buy a couple eye shadows and their beach bronze lip gloss. It goes great with my lipstick. It is a gorgeous shade of brown. My dh really liked it this morning. He even said something. He never notices that kind of stuff any more.

I also bought their eye de-puffer. No, it is not called that but I am not getting up to read the bottle in my bathroom. I have allergies and my eyes are always puffy underneath and sometimes I get dark circles. My daughter's eyes get red around that area when her allergies act up.Back to Mary Kay, they have their own brand of mineral make-up. I did not like it. It felt like I was wearing a mask. I never feel my make-up on with Bare Minerals. It is very sheer. I went home and washed the stuff off. Phil did not like the way I looked. He does not like me to look made-up. This make-up really accentuated the lines in my face and it looked like old lady powder to me. I am sure that some people love it. Maybe, it is my skin type.

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