Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sublime Stitching

Yet another adventure in blog surfing. I came across this person's blog and website: A year ago, I was a self-professed "I don't sew" person. Look at where I am today! It's not like I don't know how to sew. I still remember bits and pieces from high school sewing. I can use a machine without breaking it - sorta. I tried my hand at cross stitch about 7 or 8 years ago but gave that up. Too tedious for me. I still have problems sewing sometimes because of arthritis in my hands and wrists. It has improved some in the last year though. No meds with my bad stomach.

I have the Embroidery Stitch Bible. I am a visual learner and need that book in front of me when I am trying out new stitches. I decided to give it a try since I like to play with beads and need something to do while watching TV. I am not hyperactive and cannot sit still. I am trying to be a good mommy and be with my kids when they watch TV without me really watching TV. If it is one of my programs like CSI or anything on Food TV, then forget me doing anything! I am going to do some sewing/beading/art jewelry assembling while relaxing in front of the TV. Gotta do my art sometime. I might be able to get few minutes more sleep.

I do think that a few stitches here and there really adds to my art pieces. I am finding that I really like to work on small patches and then putting them together. I have been very happy with my embroidery experiments. You will be seeing them in future projects.

In the meantime, I bought a few of the patterns from Sublime. I like her attitude. I am going to use some of her patterns and practice my stitches. You never know what I will do with the background though. BTW, the embroidery floss is different. I had some clearance stuff from the craft store and then I got one from Sublime. Whoa! What a difference! I will let you know how the metallic thread works out. Just because I am seeing about this on the Sublime Stitching site, I love embroidery scissors. I have a pair in my purse. It is so handy! I have several pairs at home. Be careful to keep from kids, way sharp. I don't like the stork shaped ones though. Yeah, I have a things for knives and scissors. Love them!

Do you embroider? Will you forward a link to your blog or website so I can see? I want to ooh! and aah! over what you do. I still consider myself more of a newbie at this compared to other art related things I do. Any advice for me? I am just making it up as I go along. What else is new?


violette said...

Hi there,

I just mentioned your puffy hearts (article at CPS) on my blog! Love the article and the hearts! Thanks!
I have arthritis in my neck and i also believe in my toes and fingers (slightly). I daily eat flaxseed and also i wear copper bracelets. I think both of these help. Have you tried them before?


Sharon said...

I just got back into embroidery and enjoy doing it while I watch tv.

Dianne said...

I wasn't able to get the link to "sublimestitching" to you are going to do hand embroidery? or machine? I have an AB spread on my blog with a fabric spread, some yo-yo's ( the kind used to create quilts) and some hand embroidery:

looking forward to seeing what your next project will be.