Monday, September 08, 2008

What I miss most about my sister

I used to be able to call her and vent about anything with her. She supported my art self even though I don't think she really understood it. She knew it was important to me. I can't pick up the phone any more and tell her about my day at school. I can't listen to her poke fun at me for being stubborn and obstinate. I can't hear her use big words that I had to figure out from context. I thought I had a vast vocabulary. She used crossword puzzle words on me all the time. As times goes on, I find out more about her that I did not know. There were a lot more layers to my little sister that I was not aware of - especially after she moved away.

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Connie said...

hmmmm. my mama moved on 2 yrs ago. sometimes i get this momentary urge to call her up and tell her something, or ask her a question. ....i have completely forgotten, just for that moment, that she is no longer able to answer the phone. it is so real when it happens. it makes me very wistful.