Monday, October 06, 2008

Magazine Review: Interweave Felt

I was at Borders the other day and picked up this magazine. It is not a subscription mag. It is a special edition. So, pick it up before it is gone! The article on how to make handfelted cane beads are worth the price of the magazine. I would not use it as a necklace. I would cut it into thin pieces and then sew or felt it onto a fabric surface. I would do it in odd shapes - not just circles. I am going to need to do this soon. Might be a holiday project for me.

Although a lot of the felting projects shown are for purses and clothing, the technique for the actual felt is very interesting. Gives me a lot of inspiration for when I find a bit of time to do some felting. I will have to dedicate some time to this. It is such a fun thing to do. I like to needle and wet felt.

The felt ring would be a very fun thing to make. It would be a great swap idea. Think of the embellishments you could put on the ring.

There is one section on how to make a marrakesh flower. That would be awesome on a quilt or quiltie square. It always look so simple when someone else does it.

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