Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The most awesome watches

Okay, I love the Full Moon collection FFCW with the copper/silver strap. You can see all the collections here. I am campaigning for one with my dh. Has to have copper!


Yes, I read about it in Tim Holtz's blog and I had to investigate. It's not to early for you to buy me a Christmas/birthday present!!!


Anonymous said...

I checked out their website and I LOVE the Gates of Time Series!

inge said...


I haven't seen them on Tim's blog, but I'm happy that you made the link !

These watches look great.. I like the full moon collection...


Altered Route said...

I can see why Tim, you and many more of use like these...they kinda are steampunked...way cool.

Judiwithaneye00 said...

There isn't one of these watches that I wouldn't love to have. If I ever find another job, I might reward myself with one of these. I just happen to be near a gallery that carries them. Gorgeous!

Judi Foster