Sunday, November 02, 2008

Self-Portrait and new blog giveaway!

I think this will be November's challenge in the MM art friends group. I was inspired by Cate's book on Mixed Media Self-Portraits. I never would have thought of doing my own portrait since I can't draw. I drew a lot of inspiration from the book. There are a lot of different ways that you can do a self-portrait and not have to draw it. Does that make any sense to you?

I am still getting over strep, so I am limited in how long I can do anything. Last nite, I took one of my head shots and played with it in the Kodak software. There is an Edit feature where I could turn a picture into a coloring page. I printed it out on some white card stock. The printer gave me some photo/picture options, so I printed out four on one page. The lower right pict is the one that is the untouched coloring page pict. I took out a bunch of my Staedtler markers and played. I did not realize until I scanned it that I used a lot of yellow. Yeah, it is not that bright in real life.

Just recently, I won a copy of Cate's book in her blog giveaway. At the same time, I got another copy. Yes, I have two now. So, I am going to treasure Cate's copy 8-) and give away the copy that I got. Nope, I am not in this book. I just like it.

The giveaway will end on Wednesday. I will pick a winner on Thursday. All you need to do is to post a comment to this post. I want to know about one side of you. For example, there are many sides to me. One side of me is the mean bitch who still won't put up with anything. At school, I am the strict disciplinarian, yet creative and fun teacher, who still cares about her students (and gets upset at the sad/bad things that happen in their lives). One side is the mom who stays up all night with her kids when they are sick and makes cookies with them. Yet another side is the striving artist who has to balance her creativity with life's demands. You get the idea. You can comment as many times as you want. You might not see your comment right away since I have to approve comments. That keeps spammers away.


Lisa Bissell said...

I've got to try this! And, I'd love to win the book---can't wait until Thursday. Thanks for all you do Belinda!!! Lisa

Another Loock Creations said...

OMG Belinda!!! You did such a great job on your self portrait. And what a generous give away. Please sign me up! I will try to find the time for this challenge!

jet1960 said...

Hhhmm. Takes some thought. In my working life, I have to be analytical and organized. I'm a medical lab tech and have been for about 26 years. There I work with people and love that about my job. Helping others gives me a good feeling. The testing I perform requires exactness, following procedure to the "T", and being perfect.

On the other hand, I am a very introverted person whose idea of a perfect day is curling up on the couch snuggled under a blanket with my dog beside me and a good book or stack of art magazines to browse. No phone calls, no people, and not having to get out of my comfortable lounging clothes. I fight disorganized tendencies. In my art, I like to just play and tend to improvise and make it up as I go along. Actually I end up doing that cooking as well,

So I guess I feel sometimes I lead a Jeckyl/Hyde kind of life.

Pat G. said...

My work area on my job must be just so - everything in a precise spot before I will begin to work. At home when I'm working on my art, things end up in a jumble that will sometimes stay that way for weeks.

Cathee said...

Hi belinda, love the portrait and am working on mine for the group. I think the side of me that not many know is how much i love solitude! Some times I can be quite a hermit ,,just me and my art (and of course my family....)now and again I think a mountain cabin far away just my hubby, pets and art supplies would be my dream.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Another give-away? You haven't finished the last one. Can I say toooooooooo generous?


kiwicarole said...

OMG!! with the exchange rate so bad I would LOVE the opportunity to win a copy of this book! Thank you for being so generous!!
;) Carole

Pam said...

I am multi faceted like you, Belinda. One side of me is the art teacher - teaching children or adult students. I LOVE teaching ATCs, book making (reading books, not horses), altered arts esp book, and mixed media techniques. I love sharing and then having my students go on to share the arts with friends and/or their students. I teach through art centers and in after school art classes. I'd like to learn more about self portraits and yours on the blog are very kewl. Mahalo for all you've done/been for the Yahoo groups.

Sandy said...

Oh Oh Oh. You need to pick me! I have tried to get this book from Borders, with no luck. Here's a side of me that I don't get to show too often: I LOVE babies. Even if the baby is sick or colicky. I love watching them sleep and having one fall asleep on my chest or in my arms is one of the most precious times to me.

Mixed Media Martyr said...

One side of me is all flowery and lacy - not the side that most people see because I have a husband and two sons - but recently I have been letting my flowery/lacy side out in my art. And I love it!!

Ellen Lyn said...

I consider myself to be a pretty tough person...that saying about suffering fools gladly--I don't, can't won't--yet, I often cry at Hallmark commercials and such, so I can also be what my granddad would call a soft touch.

Brenda said...

I love what you did with "you" especially the butterfly! Very cool....I just put this book on my Amazon wish list for Christmas last night-what fun it would be to win it!
brenda bliss

---MARILYN DAMSCHEN--- said...

Freaky deaky...I was just looking at this book at Borders last night but was put off by the fact that I can't draw. Great ideas you had to get past that!

I have a very insecure, frustrated side of me that worries because I don't have my own style. I'm always afraid someone will think I am intentionally copying someone's work. I've heard most people go thru this stage but I seem to be stuck here.

Karin Millson said...


Joanie Hoffman said...

Sides of me?
Loving, fun Nanny to 4 grandchildren, happy last chance artist, cuddly dog owner, laid back driver (a new side!), strong yet scared women.
There's probably more.
Thanks for the giveaway.
Hope you feel better soon.

jean b. (elgin) said...

two extreme sides to the artist in me: "i can't do it/my technique sucks/i'll never have another idea" ... or "yes, i can do this/don't interrupt me, i'm on a roll/what do you mean, it's 7 hours later already?/i can't wait to start this again tomorrow!" when i have inbetween days, i reorganize and catch up on reading art books!

Jan C. said...

Great challenge idea....I may even
do side of me that
others are suprised about is that
I desperately want a tatto and plan
to get one in January when I turn

Jan C
Mesa, Az

May Terry said...

One side of me is very sensitive; the other side has a very thick skin.


eclectic works said...

One side of me that I truly treasure beyond all the others is my Mom side :) My children are everything to me...I am so very protective of them...something I think my kids wish I would tone down some :)

p.s. Great giveaway by the way! said...

People see me as strong and confident. Inside I'm often insecure and timid, but no one else sees it.
I've been interested in trying a self-portrait. I'd love to see this book.

Yan said...

My friend would love this book =)

I have a couple sides as well. One side I'm a generous and kind person who will help you with everything I can. On another side if you piss me I will make your day a living hell.


Dianne said...

I am the artist who loves to draw but can't seem to get up the courage to submit anything to publications; the mom who had two "only children" six yrs apart so they are both spoiled! the grandma who enjoys spoiling the grandson and then sending him home; the wife whose husband doesn't get upset because she was drawing instead of cleaning house or doing laundry; the blogger who has gotten hooked on posting as often as possible and is jazzed when people leave comments; the mixed media artist who is trying to use the materials I have instead of buying new and not exactly succeeding (at least in "not buying")

Anonymous said...

We are all so "many-faceted"!

One of my best sides is the one that has tons of "patience" when I am teaching to someone who is really trying.

Then of course, there's the flip side: the one who can't stand stupidity in any way, shape or form!! Unfortunately, there are too many people out there who need to be wearing a giant "S" on their forehead!!


Judith said...

Well, I can totally identify with the issue of there being 2 sides to me. There is the conservative, conventional person who never felt free to explore a life of creativity because of a family generated taboo and a life as a single parent. I needed to make a reliable living to bring up my child. Now I am a woman in transition trying to overcome those taboos. Though I am finally, finally able to plan and live a creative life as I near my "retirement" from a 25 year career as a Social Worker, I find it arduous work to shed those long held and acted upon taboos so I am free to make the art that has lain dormant within me.
Judith in NYC

May Terry said...

One side of me assumes that most people mean well; the other side expects the worst of them so I won't be disappointed if they're unkind.

beckyais said...

I have my artistic "left brain" side that I mainly exercise in my personal time, and my analytical "right brain" side that I use at work. That could lead to an interesting self portrait! Hmmmmm......!

Diana said...

Awesome! I've been coveting this book ever since it was first announced to be coming out, but have to have restraint because of finances! Would just LOVE to win this. I think I did a bit of this self portrait thing back when I wanted a little pic to post with my profiles. I just didn't take it far enough so will have to add some more fun stuff to jazz it up! Thanks Belinda for offering this book giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Hope I'm not too late.
Who can't draw? Everyone can, but it takes two things. Observation & practice. Someone told me to look twice as long as I draw. Compare one segment with the next, the angle, the size, the length, the darkness or lightness, the shape. Pick a picture in a magazine, turn it upside down, & draw what you see. Hope this helps someone.

Anonymous said...

Hope I'm not too late.
Who can't draw? Everyone can, but it takes two things. Observation & practice. Someone told me to look twice as long as I draw. Compare one segment with the next, the angle, the size, the length, the darkness or lightness, the shape. Pick a picture in a magazine, turn it upside down, & draw what you see. Hope this helps someone.

JudyS. said...

Belinda.. what a great idea to make your picture a coloring book.. i shall try that. I would love a copy of this book.. feel better and take care.

JudyS. said...

Hey Jet1960.. I like your idea of a perfect day!!!

sjhillis said...

Love your self portrait!I have so many faces on any given day that it will really be a challenge to capture any of them on paper. Thx for all your giveaways and your wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

I love your portrait! I have so many faces on any given day that it would be a challenge to capture any of them on paper! I love your giveaways and your blog!

sjhillis said...

I love your portrait! I have so many faces that it would be a challenge to put on paper. Thxs so much for all your giveaways and your great blog!

Margaret said...

I hope it's not too late...

I broke my spine almost 2 years ago and have been mostly bedridden since. It's forced me to cut down some on my arting. For instance, I had to give up my beloved Meetup groups (East Bay Altered Arts and ATCs). So I need this book to read, to occupy the hours during which I can just lie on my side, and to give me inspiration for the times when I can be "up and doing".

I have to ration those times, so I need a project. I don't have the luxury to play as much as I used to. I have to have my supplies ready, and some sort of a plan to work on.

So please consider me if there's still time.

Thanks, Margaret

Margaret said...

This is Margaret again... I guess that I didn't really talk about a side of me.

Well, the broken spine is a side of me. It changed my life in ways I never imagined, or at least didn't think would come for many years yet.

It's hard to think that I will never walk the Pomo Canyon trail to the ocean again. (Being on this trail was a great love of mine -- a place I went to so many times, in grief and in joy, and just to take in the vast empty beauty of northwestern Sonoma County.) It's hard to realize that the last time I did it, I didn't know it was the last time.

If only I'd brought my camera. If only I'd taken that picture of my son on the big rock during one of our many trips up there. If only my new dog could walk there, just once... If only. Lesson learned.

Art is a side of me that remains, even though severely restricted and changed. The loss of spontaneity is terrible. I so miss just sitting at my table for hours and doodling with scraps of paper, fabric, and embellishments. Color and texture. Sequins and beads. Then coming up with an idea that works, and tearing through it, varying it, until I look at the clock and see that it's the middle of the night and I told my husband I'd be in bed three hours ago.

No more of that. Now, I have to think of my ideas. Work them out in my mind as far as I can. Write out my list of possibly needed supplies. Take a minute to print this. Rest for a while, take another minute to print that. Rest for a while, gather my equipment. And so on.

Take my pain pills, and then wait for them to take effect. And then! Then I get to work for a while.

I never thought I could learn to plan ahead, with art. But I did. And my art is no less heartfelt, no less an expression of "me today". It's still a side of me.

Sometimes I still get up in the middle of the night with an idea I just can't leave alone. I heat up a warmer and strap it around my waist to keep my back soothed as long as possible. And sometimes, just maybe, I can get at the idea that's been buzzing around my mind in the darkened bedroom.

Other times, not. And maybe I don't even get to take the idea in a completely different direction. But the seed is there. My mind can work on it. And so the process starts again, much more slowly and laboriously than before, but -- do I dare to say it? -- perhaps more appreciated.

Not that I want to sound Pollyanna-ish; it's so bad in so many ways. But it hasn't destroyed me, or my creativity. I just need all the help I can get!

So now I see I've written about two sides of me. But they are inseparable. In fact, the broken spine affects everything, so maybe it's more than "a side" of me?

I refuse to say that, though. I'm more than a broken spine. I'm still me, and it's only a part of that whole.


rscoach said...

Already have the book - don't want to be in the competition but did want to comment on Margaret's heartfelt post - it really touched me about what a struggle it is for her to do anything - especially her art - such preparation to just do ordinary things - I was struck with gratitude as I read it - grateful for her sharing with us - grateful for my ability to move without thinking - grateful for this group and Belinda for starting it - and grateful to be creative - thank you Belinda for asking the question and thank you Margaret for your post - and for reminding me how fragile life is and to appreciate each day - each moment - Reva (Los Angeles)