Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hammered wire necklaces

I promised that I would post my wire necklaces. Well, I have mailed out these gifties with my pincushion mittens already. I did save one. So, here it is. You can click on the pict for a larger view. My next big project is learning how to do fold forming with copper. Let me know if have done this and if you like it.

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Judiwithaneye00 said...

I love the look of this one, Belinda. Did you use the rebar wire for that? I just got done doing a little research on the new tech that you want to try and it sounds cool. I am crazy about metal working. I even love to watch them make motorcycle bodies with those wonderful tools they have. Wouldn't you just love to play with that English wheel thing? Metal is fascinating to me. I grew up in Pittsburgh and even as a kid was entranced by watching the molten steel being poured. I will be anxious to see the results of your newest endeavor!

Judi Foster