Monday, February 16, 2009

Puffy Hearts eye candy

Puffy heart eye candy. Sick and on an art roll. I don't know how I got sick this time with a fever. I have no clue how I will get my paper written by Wednesday. One more proposal to go. It will have to wait until after dinner. Gotta feed the kids before they mutiny or whine (even worse). Picts taken on my iPhone. What did I do before that fabulous thing? I need to be in a "I absolutely love my iPhone - don't know how I lived without it - need to check my email - play needless but fun games like Bubble Trouble - and do countless other things with my iPhone" Yahoo group but don't really have the time.


Anne, Bulles dorées said...

fantastic heart !! j'adore !

Anonymous said...

Love the heart and hope you feel better! I received my free flowers 2 days ago and they were quite nice to inculde a discount coupon, too! Gina

Rosie said...

Love the puffy hearts and I hope you feel better soon. xxx